Bay Area TD-DT Summit

A quick update on the Bay Area TD-DT Summit I mentioned in a previous post.

The response has been overwhelming. So overwhelming that I discovered today that I hadn’t responded to everyone that sent a request for invitation. I think I’m caught up now though. So if you sent a request for invitation already, and haven’t heard a peep from either me or Chris McMahon, please send it again. I’ll do the appropriate grovelling for having misplaced your request, and we’ll see if we can make room.

Speaking of making room, I should mention that at this point, I think we’re full.

Actually, we passed “full” a while ago. Our sponsor who is generously donating space outdid themselves by allowing us to expand the gathering. But there comes a point where we have to say, “this is big enough,” and “there will be other gatherings.”

So if you haven’t contacted us yet about the TD/DT summit, but meant to, don’t despair. This will be the first of many, I suspect. There’s a vibrant community of incredibly cool folks interested in how testers who code and developers who test can learn from each other and improve their craft. And I think we’re all just beginning to find each other.


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