Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages. So while I’m polishing the rough edges on my Part 2 of 2 post, I thought I’d take this opportunity to finally make good on that promise. Here it is: the Quality Tree Software, Inc. Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet, formerly only available by taking one of our testing classes.

10 thoughts on “Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet

  1. Thanks for the info!

    Under Web Tests > Preferences, you could add ‘disabled CSS’ & compatibility testing (different browsers, IE, FireFox, etc)?

  2. Thanks – a great compilation of typical values to try.
    Kind of funny the asian characters won’t display in my Safari. 😉

  3. Thanks a lot for bringing in such a wonderful cheat seat.It is helping me a lot.
    Then How about adding Duplicate to the CURD Heuristics
    Dhanasekar S

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