It's All About the Feedback

Bret Pettichord wrote a blog post on how Agile is All About Feedback.

As usual, Bret’s writing is keenly insightful, stripping the issue down to its essence. And I totally agree with all his points, especially where he says:

“If you don’t have meaningful feedback then you’re not agile. You’re just in a new form of chaos.”

and his stirring conclusion:

“Agile practices build a technical and organizational infrastructure to facilitate getting and acting on feedback. If you aren’t going to adapt to feedback, then this infrastracture is waste that will only slow you down.”

Please go read the whole post. It’s great stuff.

Agile Testing Overview Redux

I recently gave my Agile Testing Overview presentation at a client site.
As I was preparing to do the talk, I dusted off my old slides and realized that they were in desperate need of an update. In some cases, my thinking has shifted a little in the years since I first drafted the slides. But more importantly, the slides focused far too much on drawing a distinction between traditional and Agile methods, and not enough on the concrete Agile Testing principles and practices.
The new slides (pdf, 1Mb) identify 9 principles and 6 concrete Agile testing practices. Enjoy.