Have you tagged anyone yet?

logoLate last year I started working on what was then known as my “seekrit (not really) project.”

The idea was simple: provide a mechanism for people to give and get public recognition. The result was entaggle.com. I announced the project officially on March 1 and the enthusiastic response has been amazing!

Of course, giving and getting recognition online is not a new idea. The now-defunct WeVouchFor was built for exactly this purpose. And sites like Linked In let you publicly endorse people. But Entaggle uses a slightly different model: tags. To recognize someone, you tag them. (And yes, you can tag yourself.)

This project has given me a great opportunity to put all the techniques I teach into practice. In some cases the experience has reinforced things I already knew; in other cases it’s helped me see the depth of my ignorance.

It’s likely that for the next several months (at least) this will become the All-Entaggle-All-the-Time blog. Entaggle is a great case study because it’s all mine, so I have no privacy, intellectual property, or NDA concerns. That means I can tell real stories without disguising the details. Besides, whenever I’m not actively working with clients, Entaggle occupies all my brain cells.

You’ve been warned.

Oh, and while you’re thinking about it, go sign up and tag someone.


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