DevDays San Francisco: Plan B

I was surprised by two things this morning before I even managed to finish my first cup of coffee.

The first thing was that Joel Spolsky had a DevDays conference scheduled in San Francisco for October 12 and 13. Clearly I was not paying attention when I scheduled my Agile Testing class on October 11 – 13. (This was on the heels of finding out that the most excellent PNSQC conference in Portland, OR is October 10 – 12.) Whoopsie.

But the second surprising thing was that Joel canceled DevDays.

Reading through the comments on Joel’s blog post announcing the cancellation, it seems that there are some folks with non-refundable travel arrangements.

Now San Francisco is a lovely place to be stuck. And I can understand if folks are thinking 2 days at the Exploratorium is worth the price of plane fare.

But I have another option.

If you signed up for DevDays, I’ll honor the $499 DevDays price for my 3-day Agile Testing class with Dale Emery. That’s nearly 50% off the regular class rate.

Sure, I understand DevDays and my Agile Testing class don’t have the same agenda at all. I get that you had your heart set on learning about creating iOS apps, online education, JS Backbone, compilers, and major scalability. But you’ll learn something that’s equally valuable: how to make your whole development process go faster by avoiding the late cycle surprises and resulting churn.

And what DevDays and my class do have in common is domain experts speaking from experience with no PowerPoint and no product pitches.

Interested? You can read more about the class here, and you’ll see that we’ve already added a special ticket class for victims of the DevDays cancellation on the registration form.

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