Checking In

Well, so this is awkward. I kind of disappeared. I’ve been focusing all my time, energy, and attention on my day job at Pivotal. It’s been fun! And wild! We went public and I got to be part of the team that stood on the podium at the New York Stock Exchange! A bucket list item I didn’t even know I had! Along the way I’ve gotten to work with some amazing folks on super interesting products.

I’m just popping back in now to update my wordpress theme. Some very kind folks let me know that my site was kinda borked and that made them sad. And here I am at SFO with time on my hands because of a 2 hour flight delay. It was this or try to plow through another hundred messages in my embarrassingly and perpetually overflowing inbox. And oh, the yaks I had to shave to get to this point, with a new and hopefully unborked theme! Three password recovery workflows. The discovery that my old theme is no longer being maintained, apparently. Searching for new themes. Getting overwhelmed. Settling on the default theme that comes with any wordpress installation. It was a whole herd of yaks! My flight will be boarding before I know it.

As long as I’m here, I’ll confess that I don’t quite know what to do with this blog. Apparently it’s useful at least to some folks who take the time to notify me when things are broken. For that matter, it’s been useful to me to have a public repository of things I’ve written: I find myself foraging among my old writings periodically and sending along links to folks instead of writing blog length emails. But I don’t even look at comments anymore. (There are 571 in moderation. I’ll bet 568 of them are spam. So yeah. Not gonna look. Really sorry, other three people!) And I haven’t been writing anything I’d want to post. So it’s a static repository. WordPress is totally overkill, but migrating it to anything else would require more time and energy than I have right now.

So here we are. A weak update just to say “yo, maybe the css will work in chrome now?”

Maybe now that I’ve recovered all the passwords and found my admin page I might post again? We’ll see. In the meantime, please do continue to let me know if you experience problems with the blog. Thanks!